Privacy Policy

This privacy policy outlines the rules by which JYP Entertainment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, “We”) handles the personal information of members obtained through the official fan club website “Twice Official Fan Club Once Japan” (hereinafter, “The Site) of the artist we manage, “Twice” (hereinafter “The Artist.”) If you provide personal information to us through this website, you will be considered to be in agreement with this privacy policy (hereinafter “This Policy.”)

Protection of Personal Information In order to appropriately manage personal information in accordance with the “Protection of Personal Information Act,” we undertake the safety measures, etc. needed for protection.
Acquisition of Personal Information We collect personal information such as name, address, postal code, telephone number, email address, birthdate, gender, etc. from the members of this website or from those who wish to become members. The provision of this information is a matter of personal judgment but depending on the range of information provided and registered, the range and content of services offered may vary.
Purposes of Use of Personal Information The personal information we collect and acquire through the use of this website is used for the following purposes.
  • 1) When using this site, logging in authenticates users who are members, allows them to access members-only pages, and grants them permissions to view these pages.
  • 2) We use personal information to provide services for members. Using methods such as email newsletters, email, postal mail, and other methods, we will send our members membership cards, membership benefits, and club newsletters, as well as information about the artist and the artist’s products, services, events, marketing campaigns, etc.
  • 3) When using this website, and this website’s Internet shop (hereinafter, “EC shop”), usage history, etc. can be displayed for the member’s convenience. In addition, we use personal information for settlement of payment, shipping of products (including supplements, benefits, and other product accessories), and other services that are necessary or incidental to completing an established transaction.
  • 4) We use information to send prizes and event invitations, etc. to members who have been selected as winners of present campaigns, etc. In addition, we may sometimes contact members who apply for campaigns regarding the campaign.
  • 5) Based on the opinions and requests of members, we endeavor to improve contents posted on this website and services provided by this website.
  • 6) We use personal information for the purpose of notifying our members via email newsletter, email, postal mail, home delivery, and other methods about information regarding other artists we manage besides the artist, and artists managed by Warner Music Japan Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “WMJ”), and for the purpose of promoting and marketing these artists and WMJ products and services.
  • 7) Member personal information may be used when it is necessary for us or WMJ to provide products or services incidental or related to numbers 1 through 6 (including, but not limited to, new products and services.)
Handling of Personal Information
  • 1) In accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act, we use the personal information of members obtained through our website within the range of the above “Purposes of Use of Personal Information.”
  • 2) We and WMJ will jointly use the personal data (personal information in a database structure) of members within the range necessary to achieve the purposes of use.
  • ① The shared items of personal data are all of the items provided to us through this website.
    ② The usage purposes of the shared data are the same as numbers 1 through 7 of the above “Purposes of Use of Personal Information.”
    ③ WMJ is the managing responsible party for shared use.
  • 3) When necessary to achieve the purposes of use, personal information may be shared with third parties such as Fanplus, which handles all or part of the work involved in managing and operating this website, as well as delivery companies, fee collection companies, etc., after concluding a contract for the purpose of protecting personal information.
Revisions to This Policy
  • 1) The contents of this policy are subject to change without the approval of all members. In such cases, the terms of use for this website will follow the updated version of this policy.
  • 2) Regarding the updated version of this policy, unless we specify otherwise, it will be in effect as of the time it is displayed on this website.
Personal Information Inquiries, etc. When members wish to inquire about or revise personal information collected on this website, please see the following.